Top 5 tips for photographing at a car show

  1. Get to the car show early or on press day when it is quiet
  2. Use a tripod , higher ASA and longer exposures for greater depth of field and fill in the foreground with flash
  3. Shoot a mixture of single cars and whole stands so your images don’t look too similar
  4. Photograph the info’ board so you can remember what the car is
  5. Ask to remove barriers, stop turntables if necessary to improve the shotToyota 94 CV on C & SC st'-wToyota 94 C-V  Le Mans car at the Autosport Show : 17-40mm f8 1 second
  6. HSCC st with Lola and Gurney Eagle-wHSCC stand Lola and Gurney Eagle :17-40mm f8 1/2 secondJaguar C-X75-2wJaguar C -X75 : 17-40mm f5.6 1/5th second
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